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The Penny Candy Store

Bulk Candy For Any Occasion

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The Penny Candy Store

Your Old Fashioned Candy Store

M&M's by Color

Looking for M&M's by color, look no further!

Buy as little as one piece of candy to a whole box for the family to enjoy!

Our specialty is old fashioned penny candy; some that dates back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and a huge selection of colored candy for weddings and other events.

I love this place. Such an incredible selection of new and classic candy. Bulk taffy is my favorite. I always get in my car and eat things in the lot before I leave.


Oh my goodness!!!! This candy store is amazing, has all the old candy they used to sell years and years ago, this place is a hidden gem! Our candy store close by closed down and this place is even better. Service was great as well.


Very nice store with an amazing selection. Reasonable prices, well organized, and helpful staff. Definitely worth checking out.